Send Us a Sketch for a Ballpark Price

Too Busy to Get an Estimate? Interested in a Deck but Not for Awhile? Have No Idea What They Cost?

Send us your Deck Sketch Deck Cost Ballpark Quote

We strongly recommend that you meet your deck builder before giving them the green light, but if you are just looking for a ballpark price and have an idea of what you want, then we can help.

Step 1. Sketch out what you are looking for:

So we can give you a better estimate, try and answer the following questions:

  • Approximately how high off the ground will your deck be?
  • Thinking of Wood OR Synthetic?
  • Do you want steps? (make sure to show those on your sketch)
  • Length?
  • Width?
  • Show on your sketch where the house is.
  • Do you want any options? (learn more about your choices)

Make sure to include your name, phone number, email address and mailing address.

Here's an example of a sketch that we recently received that we were able to provide a quote for:

Deck Sketch Example Deck Sketch Example

Step 2. Email it to John

Have 2 ideas for your deck? Label them as "1" and "2" and we'll give you price ranges for both.

Step 3. We'll take a look at what you want, and provide a ballpark range in a few days of what your dream deck could run.

This should get you started and as you get closer to building your deck, we strongly encourage you to call us for your no obligation consultation. Here, we can discuss your budget and your ideas and advise you on what deck design and material would be best for you.


Rarely in life do things meet or exceed the expectation.  The deck your team built for our home turned out better than we imagined. The quality and craftsmanship are apparent from the moment you set foot on it.  Thank you again for working within the tight schedule and getting it done on time. It has been my pleasure doing business with Decks R Us. You guys are real pros in every aspect from start to finish.  I will make a great reference so don't hesitate to use me.


(We didn't list their full names here on the site, but let us know if you want to talk these folks or any of our other past customers.)

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